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Bharti Singh

Born in U.P. India. Bharti is an art Postgraduate, MA Arts Meerut University. Her first solo exhibition was in 1983 at IFACS, New Delhi. She has held over 45 solo and group shows in India and abroad and participated in number of workshops, camps and fundraisers. She married at a young age into the family of Wild Life enthusiasts, a princely Estate Sahanpur in U.P. India. Thus her true artistic education began at the most basic level by physical contact and emotional involvement with the natural world.

From realistic representations of wildlife her work gradually moved toward modernisation, experimentation and simplification of form. She continued to paint wildlife up till 2002, then came a dramatic change in her work, forms of deities in their relation to various animals and birds appeared on her canvas. On her canvas she continues to narrate her beliefs and personal thought process evolved from various sources and ever growing questions regarding existence of life with a temperament of subconscious and conscious evolution of inner voice.