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Umakant Kanade

Umakant Kanade was born in Maharastra in 1965. He completed his degree in education from the Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune in 1990. His works you will see primarily ink on canvas with a few highlights of colour!
Kanade likes to draw elements from nature. He likes to depict them in their bare and basic form. Using ink on canvas requires him to painfully labour over his work to bring out the texture of the leaves, the water, the rocks and the little details that you see. He gives a few of the elements colour. The sudden burst of colour fascinates and captures the audience.
The artist has had several solo exhibitions, including six in the year 2008 at Art 2 Day Gallery and J Studio Art Gallery in Pune; Shree Rang Art Gallery and Delhi Art Gallery in New Delhi; Samsara Art Gallery in Mumbai; and Creative Art Gallery in Dubai. He has also had shows at Crimson Art Gallery, in Bangalore; and Bal Gandharava Kala Dalan in Pune. Kanade’s work has been featured as a part of group shows at Virgo Art Gallery in Patna; and the Chitari Academy of Fine Arts in Pune.