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Suneet Ghildial

Born in 1961, Garhwal,Uttrancha, India.


My passion as an artist is to translate the language of my inner self into an imagery that symbolizes the real essence of rhythm, movement and growth of time as well as life. My work represents the celebration of our existence. Indeed, it represents the expression of aliveness, relationship and growth.


Drawing, for me is a unique form of art expression. It is an instant visual statement of thoughts and innermost feelings. The texture of space fascinates me in the beginning. It lures me to create more textures. I enjoy the power of line which creates movement and depth, propelling perception beyond the two-dimensional surface. As it grows it starts breathing and communicating with myself very deep and intense. I travel through my lines in the space. The journey continues till the moving lines surround the space and finally a work of art takes place.