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Gopal Samantray

Gopal Samantray was born in the village of Adhanga in Orissa in 1976. He is among those artists who have carved a niche of their own in the past few years. Gopal Samantray’s creations attempt to address the gigantic problem of global warming. An onlooker always tends to stop for a second and think about it and thus his works always elicit a dialogue with the viewer. His works are influenced by the romanticism of life where he visualizes the way the world should function. The animal figures that he uses in his works reflect the displacement from their home or natural environ. In an “untitled work” he depicts the tiger standing at the man-made museum and the other features represented suggests the abnormal placement of the threatened animal and our sheer apathy towards it. Many other works also convey the same message vis-a-vis the use of free birds and animal of particular regions. Through his works he paints the story about mankind’s indifference towards nature and the need to create a world only suitable for the humans -a world which is on the move and has no time to appreciate Nature’s bounty.