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K Laxma Goud

Laxma Goud was born in Nizampur, Andhra Pradesh in 1940. After a diploma in drawing and painting from the Government College of Art and Architecture, Hyderabad in 1963 he studied mural painting and printmaking at M.S. University, Baroda (1963-65)., By the late 60s he had evolved a distinct style in his etchings which portrayed a pan-natural sexuality seen in terms of impulsive, aggressive passions rather than those of fertility. Basing on childhood memories or rural and tribal vivacity with its open, ribald Eros and its immersion in nature, he interpreted it through a sophisticated urban mode in which surreal, libidinal tones mingle with fantasy and poetry. Dramatically his characters reveal an expressionist note whose harshness is tempered by the linear details and dark textures. Goud has been painting chiefly water colors with single village women and men often with goats and rural scenes. They are a robust draughtsmans paintings, line based and colored, and aesthetic vacillating between a relatively realistic but generalized rendering a supple, expressionist distortion. Later colors entered these images which for some time veered to playful Pickassoesque and Klee like geometrisations. Goud lives and works in Hyderabad.