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Shiv Lal

The key to Shiv Lal Saroha works is a blend of visual lyricism with rhythm. If the colours, on his canvas are the flow of melody, the forms, both abstract and real, play the role of percussion instruments. This musical metaphor in his art is not just a flash in the pan. It is a studied development from his series on musicians of 2000, to his abstraction of musical instruments and musicians of 2005, to his use of colour sequences and forms as an orchestrated whole. In his recent works it is the considered and studied development of his art that distinguishes him from so many artists trying out their hand at gimmicks and half-baked experiments today. His single-minded pursuit of excellence was first recognized when he got the First Prize at the College of Art in Delhi in 1986. Since then he has had major exhibitions in Delhi. His works was shown in the National Exhibitions of Art in 2006 and is in the collections of the Alkazi Foundation as well as with well known collectors in Germany, France, Scotland, England, Italy and U.S.A. He is an artist who carried our non-figurative art tradition forward in a unique manner. He has received recognition for it.