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Murali Nagapuzha

Self taught artist from India,kerala. Born in a village nagapuzha . Father  tradtional bronze sculptor. Honours,National fellowship from ministry of humen resours India (I989) for Reaserch work kalamezhuthu. Kerala lailitha kala acadamy award 1992, 1995, Raja revi varma Birth centinery award 1998. Kerala chitra kala parishath honour. Pollck krasener granyt 2010.

Murali Nagapuzha’s art works with sentiment but at no time are we to dismiss it as sentimental. It is vulnerable in that it allows itself to be perceived as childlike but that is its strength. A child’s innocence, a child’s lack of duplicity, a child like playfulness and a child’s wonder – ‘the eternal sunshine of a spotless mind’-. In a world, where being accessible is considered being popular and hence less worthy, Murali Nagapuzha takes a risk. Not just is his realm figurative but his artistic motifs are drawn from a landscape that is now part of every tourist brochure that celebrates God’s Own country. And yet, without being banal or kitschy, Murali Nagapuzha’s artistic terrain marvels at the Kerala contours and colours and makes it his own.