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Zargar Zahoor

Prof. Zargar Zahoor was born 15th of February 1953, in the blessed vale of Kashmir. Zahoor’s talent manifested itself when he was still a boy, and by 1971 he decided to be an artist. In that year he was admitted to the prestigious M.S. University of Baroda. Prodigiously gifted as indeed he was, Zahoor had the fortune to work under the stalwarts of Indian art in Baroda including Ghulam Mohammad Sheikh, Jeram Patel, K.G.Subramanyam and others.

In the enormous range of his work and in its intrinsic qualities Prof. Zargar Zahoor has beyond doubt achieved mastery in landscape painting. In fact there is a strong consistency about the evolution of his work throughout his unremitting painting life. As a painter he is happy with the fleeting aspect of weather, avalanches and deluges. Of course they are not the only aspects of nature with which he is happy, nor is he obsessed with them. In fact, his refined brushstrokes can magically convey in paint a sense of enchanted serenity and tranquility at large. His scrutiny of nature composes a picture almost from the start but he could grow trees and rocks within. His innovation in technique enables him to create brilliant light by a harmony of light tones instead of by a contrast of light with dark tones. It is a simple impressionistic innovation but a revolutionary one.