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Shabir Hussain Santosh

“Kashmir is a land of unimaginable colours that only mother nature can conceive in all its creative wisdom. A land where the blues, browns and whites are so radiantly intense that they overwhelm one’s senses. Where, in one sweeping gaze, the eyes take in the deep lustrous lakes fed by never ending streams and dazzling mountains towering above, piercing the clouds, standing tall, higher than anything of human mold.”    – Shabir Hussain Santosh
Son of the renowned artist G R Santosh, Shabir Hussain Santosh had the good fortune to be brought up in a family of artists. He was exposed to a world of creativity, painting and poetry early on. It is however not always easy to shine and set a mark when you are part of a family of renowned artists. It can be hard to work under their shadow. But Shabir has worked hard to emerge as an artist in his own right with distinct style of his own.
Shabir completed his bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from the College of Art, Delhi in 1986. He is greatly inspired by the beauty of Kashmir, the place where he belongs. Shabir likes vibrancy in his works too and uses strong colours. His lines however are subtle and considered, and there is a particular softness that wants you to explore more. His knowledge of what makes a successful painting allows him to lead the viewer around his work retaining his or her attention for a very long time.
Shabir has taken part in a number of group shows and is a recipient of many awards, recognitions and scholarships in the field of painting. He has executed many commissioned works, book illustrations and poster projects for organisations like the UNICEF and the Ministry of Home Affairs among others. Shabir loves photography and spends a lot of time behind a camera attempting to capture the amazing hues of the mountains, his favourite subject.
The artist lives and works out of New Delhi.