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Sisir Sahana

Born in 1963 at Bankura in West Bengal, Sisir Sahana studied art at Kala Bhavan, Santineketan, from where he passed both Bachelors’s and Master’s Fine Art Degree in painting. He then went on to the Central St. Martin’s College of Art & Design in London for an Advanced Diploma in stained glass painting on a Charles Wallace India Trust fellowship. A recipient of Merit Scholarship from Kala Bhavan Santineketan and Commonwealth Scholarship he also received a fellowship from the Creative Glass Center of America. He taught at the College of Fine Arts, JNTU, and also worked as Art Teacher at a public school both in Hyderabad before turning to his own full time art practice. The artist’s stylized figuration and sculptures resulting from his understanding of materials and experimentation in glass adorn a distinctive demure and spirit that also suggest his appreciation of folk culture and temple architecture of India. Combining his command over glass technology and his skills in painting Sisir is able to portray human elements and social issues around his agrarian concerns versus urbanization that are close to his heart. Ranging from soft grays, pastoral greens to bright reds and other colours he carefully works in sections to allow his human figures and metaphors to evolve. Sisir has also been working on films more recently that have impacted his narratives. He has worked on a number of murals and installations in glass that adorn homes in New Jersey and public spaces in India. Winner of several awards, his work has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions at major cities in India as well as in London. Sisir lives in Hyderabad and works from his studio in the city.