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Varsha Athor

“My sculptures concentrate more on human postures that also reflect a person’s mood or state of mind. I don’t focus on details like facial expressions!”  – Varsha Athor
Varsha was born in Mumbai in 1985. She graduated majoring in sculpture from the Sir JJ School of Arts, Mumbai. Varsha loves to work with metal nuts because she likes their shape and the impact they create when welded together. What also fascinates her is the human form, and our communication through postures rather than facial expressions.
Her process requires many steps. She first creates an armature using a clay model which she then uses as a mould while she welds nuts to put together her sculpture. Often, she adds a lacquer or an oxidant to her works.
Varsha has yet to do her own solo show, but has participated in a number of group shows in Mumbai and Delhi. She has been recognized for her work and won many awards while at college and later. She has also done a large commission in Mumbai.
Varsha lives and works out of Mumbai.