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Himmat Shah

 Born in 1933, Lothal, Gugarat. He studied under Jagubhai Shah, Bhavnagar, 1952, at the J.J. School of Art, drawing, Mumbai, 1955, at the Faculty of Fine Art, M.S. University, Baroda, 1955. on a Scholarship for Advanced Studies he worked in with painting under N.S. Bendre, and with graphics under S.W. Hayeter and Krishna Reddy in Paris,1956-61. After his drawing and painting solos since 1964, Triveni, New Delhi his first sculpture exhibition was held at Dhoomimal Gallery, New Delhi, 1979 followed by Art Heritage, New Delhi, 1983,1989, Sakshi, Mumbai, 1994, Art Heritage, New Delhi, 2000 and Anant, New Delhi, 2005. He has participated in several group and curated exhibitions in India and abroad - London, 1965, Biennale of Paris, 1967, of Antwerp, 1975, Festivals of India, London, 1982, Moscow, 1996, 9th Triennale, New Delhi and Peru. 1997. He has received national awards from the LKA and the Government including Kalidas Award, 2003-4. He lives in New Delhi.