2nd Feb - 8th Feb, 2016
Time: 11.00 am to 7.00 pm
Venue: Jehangir Art Gallery
161, Kalaghoda, Mumbai, Maharastra India.












Celebrating a Master Sculptor : Biman B Das

Biman B Das retired as the principal of Govt. College of Art & Craft, Kolkatta. He was Born in 1943 in West Bengal. He is also a product of the Kolkata College of Art and Craft, with a first class diploma in modeling and sculpture with distinction in 1966 at the age of twenty three. He followed this up with a Teachers Training Art Appreciation course in the History of Art from Kolkata University a year later. His training in sculpture was under the master sculptor Chintamani Kar who he followed as principal of the college from 1994 to 2002 after having taught sculpture at the Delhi College of Art from 1969 to 1994. It was under Kar’s guidance that he researched the terra-cottas of Bengal. He was drawn to studying them as his home town, Tamluk, is an ancient site of this form of art. The flowing forms that radiate life to his sculptures owe a great deal to his close study of this tradition.

Indeed it is no accident that Ram Kinkar Baij produced some of the most powerful sculptures in our modern art tradition that he developed while in Santiniketan in Bengal. In fact Bengal has produced some of our best sculptors like D P Roy Choudhury, Bhabesh Chandra Sanyal, Somenath Hore, Chintamani Kar and Biman Das, to name only a few. And more than Santiniketan, it was the College of Art at Kolkata that has produced some of our best sculptors for over a century.

But more than that, he had the urge to go beyond our artistic traditions and interact with sculptors of the World, starting with British contemporaries like Henry Moore, Reg Butler and Geoffrey Smedley. He also travelled on lecture tours in USA, Egypt, Hungary, Mauritius(where his statues of Jawaharlal Nehru and Subramnia Bharathi are installed), and different parts of India. His major concern was to interact with a wide range of artists and learn about their techniques and trends.

Suneet Chopra,
Art Critic, Writer.




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