Booth No. D - 7

2nd February - 5th February, 2017
Venue - NSIC Exhibition Ground
Okhla, New Delhi












Artists Exhibited

Bikash Poddar
Biman B Das
Dimpy Menon
Dhananjay Singh
G.R. Santosh
K.S. Radhakrishnan
Neeraj Goswami
Ramesh Gorjala
Sunil Das
Shabir Hussain
Satish Chandra
Suhas Roy
Sisir Sahana
Shiv Lal Saroha
T. Vaikuntam
Vrindavan Solanki
Yusuf Arakkal

Indian Modernism Expression :

The Collection of works in this exhibition reflects the continuty of our present day art from the expression that found its basis in the hope and optimism that characterised India`s independence after the end of World War-II.
If reflects a lively blend of colour, bold strokes, the flow of easily drying acrylic and the glow of oils on canvas. It exists on the border line of the figurative and non figurative, the representational and non representational, giving each individual a considerable range to evolve his or her area of development in. Among the artists, who are drawn from all parts of the country, we are featuring masters like G R Santosh, Sunil Das, Suhas Roy and T. Vaikuntam. Among the middle range of artists we are featuring are: Yusuf Arakkal, Neeraj Goswami, Sanjay Bhattacharya, Sidharth and Bikash Poddar. Among the most talented young artists we have Shiv lal Saroha and Ramesh Gorjala.
India`s ancient sculptural tradition in its modernist phase is represented by masters like Biman B Das and K S Radhakrishnan. Among the up and coming we have Dhananjay Singh, Sisir Sahana and Dimpy Menon. This sculptural choice is reflective of the flow of the human figure and its integration with the environment, which is best brought out in bronze and metal sculptures that are able to capture space and reflect light and shade characteristic of the Indian environment.
This exhibition is geared to familiarising the viewer to our environment and its evolution in the recent past.

Suneet Chopra,
Art Critic, Writer.







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